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18-03-2016 18:18
How long does it take to be checked and allowed to the yahoo group?

18-03-2016 18:00
Thx bushy555. I signed up there. :-)

13-03-2016 23:08
Unilein: Yeps, we mostly still hang out on the old 'vzemu' mailing list that can be found on

21-02-2016 11:00
I am just building a little Z80-Computer which works like VZ200

21-02-2016 10:59
Are there still any VZ200-fans outside?

05-06-2014 22:00
Hi KP, there is a word limit on the Shoutbox, so you will need to use a couple to get your message across.

04-06-2014 09:23
Hi I live in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia. My husband has just retrieved a box of possessions that a friend has been “looking after” for about 15 years. The boxes are slightly rat or c

01-06-2012 00:43
If you're passing by, please have a look at my recent post

24-05-2012 11:16
Hi there Spog, Learjet was probably the most sophisticated game on the VZ!

20-05-2012 11:58
I have many happy memories of my VZ200 days and still enjoy playing Learjet


Welcome to the Home of the VZ200!

If you're looking for anything related to the VZ200 personal computer, you've come to the right place!

The VZ200 (and its successor, the VZ300) was a great little machine that introduced many an Australian into the exciting world of personal computing.

For most of us, we played a few games and dabbled in some BASIC programming. The more adventurous attempted a hardware mod or two. It even made a few Aussies a bit of money through publishing software and distributing products, such as the boy wonder Leon Young and the savvy businessman John CE D'Alton.

On this site you will find a multitude of resources, from emulators to games, magazine articles to newsletters, peripherals to books, and hardware projects to programming tips.

Also included is a 'virtual museum' with lots of photos of VZ gear.

We've done our best to break everything up into sensible categories so that you can find your way around, but if you are struggling to find what you want, please try the search function. And if it's not on here, let us know and we'll see if we can find it for you!

New Webhost

NewsI have just transferred the site to a new webhost. The other host was becoming more unreliable and quite slow at times. I am hoping for a significant improvement with the new arrangement.

Clean Up

NewsI finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of the software and reloading the database.

So we are back up again.

Hopefully all you users are correctly loaded!! If not, just re-register.

Guy Thomason's VZ Emulator now available

DownloadsGuy has given me permission to host his VZ Emulator, so it is now available in the downloads section (here).

VZ200 NTSC photos uploaded

James Diffendaffer has kindly uploaded a bunch of VZ200 NTSC photos for your viewing pleasure.

Check them out starting at this photo of the rear of the unit.

Please play 'spot the difference' as you look through the photos!

Site Back Up

NewsLooks like there was some sort of vulnerability in the previous version of the software I was using to run this site, but I have managed to get it up and running again.

VZ Manuals and Books Uploaded

DownloadsThanks to Guy Thomason, we now have scans (PDF format) of the VZ200 Technical Reference Manual, the VZ300 Main Unit Manual, the VZ200 Giant Book of Games and an ETI magazine article from July 1985 reviewing the VZ300 and Disk Drive.

HVVZUG 1989 now available

DownloadsThe complete set of HVVZUG issues for 1989 (6 in all) have now been uploaded and indexed. Enjoy!


NewsHunter Valley VZ Journals up to Issue 21 (Nov-Dec 1988) are now available. There are more to come so keep watching this space.

Games Downloads

NewsThe games downloads section now includes all the best original games that we have found so far in .VZ format, as used by emulators.

Progress Report

NewsThe Downloads Section now includes a number of the more popular VZ games complete with screenshots obtained with James' VZ200 Emulator. The games category will be the next category to which items are added. Note that emulators can be found under Web Links.

The Downloads Section also includes PDFs of the newsletters of the Hunter Valley VZ User Group. The newsletters were eventually known as the Hunter Valley VZ Journal and had a wide audience. The first two years of publication are listed complete with tables of contents. Acknowledgment is due to Dave 'Bushy' Maunder who did the scans. More newsletters will follow once the games section is further filled out.

Also note that there are now active forums - but of course we need you to register and get a discussion happening. Registering is not an onerous task so please go ahead and see if we can get some interesting conversations happening in the forum area.

The photo gallery (which will eventually be renamed 'virtual museum') is pretty much empty at the moment but we do have access both to already taken photos and various items of VZ gear which can be photographed. This is a lower priority at the moment than filling out the download section.
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