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18-03-2016 18:18
How long does it take to be checked and allowed to the yahoo group?

18-03-2016 18:00
Thx bushy555. I signed up there. :-)

13-03-2016 23:08
Unilein: Yeps, we mostly still hang out on the old 'vzemu' mailing list that can be found on

21-02-2016 11:00
I am just building a little Z80-Computer which works like VZ200

21-02-2016 10:59
Are there still any VZ200-fans outside?

05-06-2014 22:00
Hi KP, there is a word limit on the Shoutbox, so you will need to use a couple to get your message across.

04-06-2014 09:23
Hi I live in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia. My husband has just retrieved a box of possessions that a friend has been “looking after” for about 15 years. The boxes are slightly rat or c

01-06-2012 00:43
If you're passing by, please have a look at my recent post

24-05-2012 11:16
Hi there Spog, Learjet was probably the most sophisticated game on the VZ!

20-05-2012 11:58
I have many happy memories of my VZ200 days and still enjoy playing Learjet

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